We’re Sling Shot Intergalactic, the number one way to move large amounts of data around the globe. Our dedicated Miami office has been the fastest way to send footage in and out of Florida since Spring 2018. Need to move an entire day’s worth of editorial dailies? No problem! In addition to Miami, we have dedicated offices in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver, Toronto, London, Bangkok, Prague, Kiev, and Mexico City. But we’re capable of setting up a high speed transfer for you from just about any place in the world. 

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In Miami, production is as busy as the bustling beaches. With access to sunshine, palm trees, and delicious Cuban food, it’s easy to see why Miami is in demand. From high end fashion shoots like Calvin Klein to multi-day shoots for large accounts like Burger King to music videos for hot acts like DJ Snake, we’ve handled it all. But Miami is more than just South Beach— it is a beautiful city that provides an international luxury feel without the need to leave the United States. We like to think of our Miami office as a portal to Florida. It is our service hub for destinations like Fort Lauderdale and Key West. Want to go old school? We even have a relationship with a film lab in Florida where we have transferred analog film to digital before shooting it to cities like New York, London, or Los Angeles. 


Over the last year, we’ve fallen in love with Miami. And the feeling is mutual. We’ll work with your schedule, ensuring that your data will be transferred as quickly as possible. We’ve even sent out footage from Miami on Christmas Day! Our office is centrally located in downtown Miami, making any drive drop offs or pickups swift and straightforward. Enhance your shoot with our signature speed and convenience today!