Kiev Aerial View of the city

Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves 

Hi, we’re Sling Shot Intergalactic! And we are the number one solution for moving large amounts of data around the globe. Speed is our specialty. We can move an entire day’s worth of editorial dailies at record breaking speeds. While we’re capable of operating out of just about any place in the world, we have dedicated offices in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver, Toronto, London, Bangkok, Prague, and now… Kiev! We’re very excited to announce that Sling Shot Kiev is officially open for business. 


Why Sling Shot Kiev? 

With a growing number of international commercial and music video shoots, Kiev is not just a city rich in history and architecture, it’s also a bustling production hub! Sling Shot’s unparalleled transfer speed connects local Kiev production value to the world. With us, it’s quick and easy to utilize Kiev’s attractive locations, highly skilled crews, and inexpensive production costs. So go ahead, join the trend! 

Sling Shot Team in Kiev: Falling in Love with the City 

Traveling to Kiev was a life changing experience. From its many museums, Vozdvyzhens’ka Street, Communist-era architecture, and beautiful cathedrals, it is easy to see how Kiev has become one of the hottest shooting spots. Everywhere we looked, there was another amazing location just waiting to be scouted. Even the subway, one of the deepest in the world, has storytelling potential— the Apple Series 3 commercial was filmed in Zoloti Vorota subway by Radioaktive Film! 

Our travels allowed us to learn all about Ukrainian history, including a sobering trip to the abandoned city of Pripyat. The emotional impact of our visit has not left us. We look forward to building our connection to the people and culture of The Ukraine as we continue our work in Kiev! 


Try Sling Shot Kiev Today! 

Located in the heart of Kiev on Predslavynska St, our office is designed for your convenience. We’ll work with your schedule, ensuring that your data will be transferred as quickly as possible. Whether you’re a Kiev-based production house or an international client that is ready to experience all that Kiev has to offer, we’re excited to meet you! 


Filmed in Kiev